Andrew Yee is a Sydney based artist who works in all forms of media including illustration, video and podcasting. 


2012, 3 THE HARD WAY, Group Show, Vibe Wire, Aus

2012, THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT, Kind Of Gallery, Aus

2013, ALETRED STATES, Group Show, Kind Of Gallery, Aus

2013, CHASING THE DEMON, Group Show, Salerno Gallery, Glebe, Aus

2013, DIRTY LAUNDRY, Group Show, The Tate, Glebe, Aus

2013, LUMINIFEROUS AETHER, Vivid Installation, Aus

2014, B GRADE. Group Show, Black Penny Gallery, Surry Hills, Aus

2014, TWIN GUILLOTINE, Group Show, Wedge Gallery, Sydney, Aus

2015, DEMOLITION, Solo Sow, Goodspace Gallery, Chippendale, Aus

2015, GROWN ASS BOY, Video Production/ Short Film, Aus 

2015, SONY x CHRIS YEE, Video Production, Aus

2015, SPOOKY: A Halloween Group Exhibition, Group Show, Chippendale, Aus

2015, GRIMUS REAPER, Zine, CA 

2016, ANDYSFRNDS, Solo Show, Goodspace, Chippendale, Sydney, Aus

2016, HALFSLEEVE TRAILER, Video Production, Aus

2016, LATE GREATS, Group Show, Goodspace, Chippendale, Sydney, Aus

2016, WORLD TOUR, Group Show Goodspace, Chippendale, Sydney, Aus

2016, ART WANK 3, Group Show, Goodspace Chippendale, Sydney, Aus 

2016, CHINATOWN CHAMPS, Video Production, Aus

2017, THE LIGHT OF DAWN, YEAR OF THE ROOSTER, Live Art, Kensington St, Aus

2017, GOODSPACE 2ND BIRTHDAY, Group Show, Chippendale, Sydney, Aus

2017, MAD LOVE, Art Series (On Going), Video Production, Aus

2017, MAD LOVE, ILLUSTRATED INTERVIEW (On Going), Drawn Interviews, Aus  

2017. MADLOVEMANIA, Live Art, Chippendale, Sydney, Aus

2017, NO MAS, Group Show (w/Chris Yee), Wedge Gallery, Sydney, Aus

2017, MANIFESTO OF TOMORROW, Group Facilitation and Illustration, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Aus

2017, HEAR ME OUT, Group Exhibition (presented by Lousy Ink), Contemporary Arts Prescient, Melbourne, Aus

2018, ANDREW YEE. Solo Show, VU Gallery, Bellingham, Washington, USA

2018, THREE YEARS OF GOODSPACE, Group Show, Chippendale, Sydney, Aus

2018, "ANDYEE" Book Launch, Solo Show, Studio Malaparte, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Aus

2018, LOUSY SHOW, Group Exhibition, BSIDE Gallery, Melbourne, Aus

2019, YAYALAND, Short Film, Finalist IGTV Film Festival, Sydney, Aus

2019, YAYALAND, Solo Show, Babekuhl Studio, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Aus