MAD LOVE Ep. 11: Live From Seoul

When you think of Korea, what comes to mind?

Kim Jong Un, or Kim Jong Il depending on your age? Spicy food? K-Pop, soju, movies about revenge? Korea has all these things and much more.

The image that the news dictates of Korea is usually of the North and its conflicts with the world. However, most of the cultural exports you will come across are from the colourful, excessive and energetic South. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is four times smaller than Sydney but is twelve times denser in population. Walking down the street you might see some business men getting down on some street food at a stall, some kids eating a thirty dollar mountain of a dessert, or baby-butt-smooth-faced women chugging ice cold Hite beers. It’s all part of the craziness of neon lit Seoul.

Right now there are heaps of kids out here making crazy stuff! From indie music, art and fashion. Expressing originality through their unique understanding of western culture mixed with Korean artistic traditions – all in oversized shirts and baseballs hats with flames on them!

So do yourself a goddamn favour – don’t sleep on Seoul And if you go there, make sure to eat some fish sticks and buy some moderately priced tracksuit pants. Bao: