MAD LOVE Ep. 13: Sneakers, Sporstwear & Everything At The Sydney Swap Meet

When you see a sneaker, what are you really looking at?

For most of you jabronis out there, you probably just see shoes that will eventually be worn out and either given to Vinnies or dumped in the trash. I know that when I was kid, shoes were meant for school only, and every other time was me running around barefoot like that kid from Where The Wild Things Are.

However, it’s more than that to an ever growing population. It’s a gateway to a community of fashion, taste and history, where a person’s collection of sneakers can run up a small fortune. The Sydney Swap Meet went down last weekend, the premiere sneaker and streetwear event in Sydney. With an extensive list of vendors from around the country, the Swap Meet really highlighted the sense of community and shared fanaticism for the culture. Plus, we designed the official shirts for the event! No bias.

So huge shout outs to Jeff Thompson for putting the whole thing together like a mad man! To sponsors Puma, Jason Markk, 99StarCount, Rastaclat, Saintside and everyone who took apart in the day. Bao!