MAD LOVE Ep. 3: Pseushi Pop Up Store & John Kaye Exhibition

Ah yes, fashion, my favourite subject. If I had a dollar for every outfit I wore that changed the game I’d have a hot $5 dollars.

Alright to be honest I don’t know a lot about fashion. My only foray into that world was when I met George R. R Martin (The Game of Thrones guy), and when I told people they thought I was saying Georgio Armani – bellisimo! That being said, Sydney based brand Pseushi seems to be making all the right moves, leaving a huge mark on the local scene.

Chris Loutfy and Wesley Chiang are the masterminds behind Pseushi. It would be pretentious to say that it’s a lifestyle brand, but there’s something about them that seems to extend past just prints on shirts and cuts of pants. It might be the inclusion of Sydney’s youngest and creative faces, the emphasis on classic film photography, or the combination of contemporary art and music.