Mad Love, Ep. 15: Output Festival

Over the weekend we were Castaway’d on Goat Island, with nothing but seaweed loin cloths and unshaved beards, a literal minutes from the mainland.

The idea of creating a ritualistic bonfire and signalling planes for help was not, not an option. I’ve never felt more like Tom Hanks in my life. Okay, so this is a huge and borderline false retelling of our experience at the first ever Output Festival. The only way that this would be comparable to Castaway would be if you replaced the daily fight for survival with pulsating techno beats and Wilson for thousands of enthusiastically sweaty punters.

The child of both Motorik and UNDR Ctrl, Output Festival aimed at creating a day that was totally unique and experimental. Delivering the best DJs with a cutting edge dance experience to one of Sydney’s premiere and criminally underutilised locations, Goat Island.

To the revelry of everyone who went, the first ever Output Festival was a great success. The only question left is, when do next year’s tickets go on sale so we can catch that luxurious ferry back! So shout outs the legendary Motorik and UNDR Ctrl for putting it down for Sydney! And for tha Harbour for being so beautiful! Bao:

Mad Love, Ep. 14: Pseushi’s Sydney Pop-Up Store For Their SS18 Collection

They already gave the winter some, and now it’s summer’s turn. Pseushi is back with their Spring/Summer line!

Since we last saw the boys mobbing out on the cold streets of Surry Hills  – Episode 3, if you can’t remember – Pseushi has continued their steady growth. Merging fashion, art, and progressive imagery, they really have a gained a strong fan base amongst Sydney locals.

Their events and openings show an old school feeling of community, kids (everyone younger than me is a kid) drinking tinnies on the street wearing huge plaid blazers (that’s what’s in), copping product straight from the source.

It’s a vibe that can be mistaken for a block party instead of the release of a new clothing line, a vibe that sometimes Sydney is sorely missing. Pseushi brought the energy once more to their own space in Chippendale last weekend, right next door to our other spiritual home, The Lord Gladstone.

So bigs up to Pseushi founders Wes and Chris for the event, James Robinson for the video installation and ya boy Pete Hayes for looking dapper as hell in the lookbook!

MAD LOVE Ep. 13: Sneakers, Sporstwear & Everything At The Sydney Swap Meet

When you see a sneaker, what are you really looking at?

For most of you jabronis out there, you probably just see shoes that will eventually be worn out and either given to Vinnies or dumped in the trash. I know that when I was kid, shoes were meant for school only, and every other time was me running around barefoot like that kid from Where The Wild Things Are.

However, it’s more than that to an ever growing population. It’s a gateway to a community of fashion, taste and history, where a person’s collection of sneakers can run up a small fortune. The Sydney Swap Meet went down last weekend, the premiere sneaker and streetwear event in Sydney. With an extensive list of vendors from around the country, the Swap Meet really highlighted the sense of community and shared fanaticism for the culture. Plus, we designed the official shirts for the event! No bias.

So huge shout outs to Jeff Thompson for putting the whole thing together like a mad man! To sponsors Puma, Jason Markk, 99StarCount, Rastaclat, Saintside and everyone who took apart in the day. Bao!

MAD LOVE Ep. 12: Alisa Ueno

To describe Alisa Ueno as any one thing would be impossible.

Face of Tokyo youth and fashion, creative director of Fig & Viper, touring DJ, one of the worldwide ambassadors of Maybelline, social media juggernaut – Any one of these would be right, which makes it even more mind boggling that she does them all.

Having gotten into fashion at a young age, Alisa has been killing it in her native Japan for years. Taking her talents around the world, you could find her DJing in Ibiza one minute, walking the streets of the Lower East Side in some high-waisted denim the next. Doing it with her signature bright hair and effortlessly cool vibe, if anyone has earned the title of ‘It Girl’ in 2017, it’s definitely Alisa.

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE JAPAN FOUNDATION FOR PUTTING THIS TOGETHER. They always have cool stuff going on that you should definitely check out, right here.

MAD LOVE Ep. 11: Live From Seoul

When you think of Korea, what comes to mind?

Kim Jong Un, or Kim Jong Il depending on your age? Spicy food? K-Pop, soju, movies about revenge? Korea has all these things and much more.

The image that the news dictates of Korea is usually of the North and its conflicts with the world. However, most of the cultural exports you will come across are from the colourful, excessive and energetic South. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is four times smaller than Sydney but is twelve times denser in population. Walking down the street you might see some business men getting down on some street food at a stall, some kids eating a thirty dollar mountain of a dessert, or baby-butt-smooth-faced women chugging ice cold Hite beers. It’s all part of the craziness of neon lit Seoul.

Right now there are heaps of kids out here making crazy stuff! From indie music, art and fashion. Expressing originality through their unique understanding of western culture mixed with Korean artistic traditions – all in oversized shirts and baseballs hats with flames on them!

So do yourself a goddamn favour – don’t sleep on Seoul And if you go there, make sure to eat some fish sticks and buy some moderately priced tracksuit pants. Bao: